Healthcare organizations turn to us when they need to transform patient care and maximize value. Learn how we do it.
World-Class Patient Safety

When the U.S. Air Force Medical Service set out on a system-wide journey toward becoming a high-reliability organization and achieving zero harm, Synensys provided critical guidance, knowledge, and resources toward developing and implementing an integrated approach to continuous performance improvement based on innovative delivery models.

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Team-Based Care

When the U.S. Military Health System, with more than 137,000 employees, wanted to develop a best-practice model for team-based care delivery across its global healthcare system, Synensys helped them develop and implement the TeamSTEPPS® – Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety program.

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Preventable Harm

When the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services mandated the reduction in preventable patient harm in hospital care across the U.S., Synensys helped implement safer care practices based on proven concepts from High-Reliability Organizations, resulting in over 50,000 lives saved in the first three years of the implementation.

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Program Effectiveness

When the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) mandated a review of patient experience and continuity of care, Synensys developed a multi-dimensional review process to assess the effectiveness of the VHA patient experience portfolio that enabled it to determine program effectiveness, gaps, and improvement opportunities.

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For more than a decade, Synensys has been a highly acclaimed international advisor and trusted partner to more than 500 healthcare organizations in 14 countries.

What You Can Expect With Us

Our clients are able to transform isolated pockets of excellence into integrated, high-performing systems of care that are flexible, adaptable, and responsive to healthcare stakeholders’ diverse needs. If you are ready to get to work, then so are we.

Our Approach to Transformation

Our success is grounded in the Synensys Systems Strengthening Framework (S3F), which includes issues and evidence-based theory of change models, results-based monitoring and evaluation systems, sustainable innovative solutions, and sound change portfolio management practices that promote value for money.

How We Are Different

We transfer know-how to enable our clients to create sustainable ROI from their improvement investments year-over-year, allowing them to continuously improve, innovate, transform, and succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

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Solving Healthcare’s Biggest Challenges

Top Client Requests

  • High-Reliability Organization Development (HRO)
  • Healthcare System Transformation
  • Healthcare Performance Monitoring & Evaluation and Public Reporting
  • Healthcare System Change Portfolio Management
  • Disease Management Framework and Program
  • Antimicrobial Resistance Strategies & Execution Plans and Stewardship Programs

Results We Achieve

  • Maximized Value for Money
  • Structured Health Systems Strengthening
  • Integrated Patient-Centered Care
  • Enhanced Resilience of Systems and People
  • Increased Safety and Quality
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