29 04, 2021

New Podcast: We’re Going to Make Mistakes. What’s Your Contingency Plan?

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Synensys CEO Dr. Stephen Powell joined Dr. Alex Howson on her podcast, "Write Medicine," to discuss hot topics in patient safety, high reliability, and team training during the COVID-19 recovery. Dr. Powell shares the importance of restarting continuing education delayed during COVID, especially immersive learning that focuses on improving teamwork, communication, and resilience. Click here to [...]

22 04, 2021

Synensys CEO shares HRO principles on the Improve Healthcare Podcast

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Synensys CEO Dr. Stephen Powell recently sat down with Dr. Richard Greenhill, host of the international podcast Improve Healthcare to discuss the origins of High Reliability Organizations (HROs) and the applications for healthcare organizations. Dr. Powell shares his early experiences with HRO principles from U.S. Naval Aviation, Delta Air Lines, and the over 500 healthcare [...]

24 03, 2021

Synensys collaborates with the QSEN Institute for Patient Safety

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Leaders in nursing education and simulation from the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) Institute joined together with Synensys® to produce a Patient Safety and Improvement module focused on SBAR communication using StoryCare®. “Over 70% of medical errors are the result of ineffective communication, said Synensys CEO Stephen Powell, using SBAR reduces errors and [...]

4 03, 2021

First-Ever U.S. Air Force Rotary Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) a Big Success

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Synensys, LLC, successfully completed the first-ever UH-1N Rotary-Wing LOSA for the U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC)/Air Force District of Washington (AFDW). The UH-1N, also known as the Huey, has a proud history of over 50 years of Air Force service supporting strategic missions across the world. LOSA is a proactive safety management program [...]

16 12, 2020

Synensys presents at the 2020 Air Medical Transport Conference

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Dr. Daniel Wyman, Synensys’ Chief Medical Officer, recently presented Aeromedical Evacuation Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) – Understanding Threat and Error Management in Air Medical Transport at the virtual Air Medical Transport Conference (AMTC) attended by over 2,000 air medical professionals from across the U.S. and around the world.  After providing the presentation, [...]

27 07, 2020

Using StoryCare® by Synensys for Nursing Education during COVID-19

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Join Synensys CEO Stephen Powell, Dr. Mary Dolansky, Director of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) Institute, and Dr. Gwen Sherwood, StoryCare faculty leader, for a webinar entitled, Making QSEN Learning Easier during COVID-19 Using the Power of Story.“Since 2012, Synensys has been collaborating with the QSEN Institute to develop innovative ways for [...]

4 05, 2020

Synensys Partners with R&K Enterprise Solutions for U.S. Air Force Patient Safety Program

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The U.S. Air Force Medical Readiness Agency in San Antonio, Texas, has awarded R&K Enterprise Solutions a 4+ year contract to provide staffing support to the Air Force Patient Safety Program. The Air Force Patient Safety Program provides 24/7 patient safety support to all 73 Medical Treatment Facilities across the U.S. and international locations. Synensys, [...]

22 04, 2020

The Importance of Resilience During the COVID-19 Response

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Kenneth Koon talks with Dr. Daniel Wyman, Chief Medical Officer at Synensys, the global leader in safer outcomes for high-risk organizations. Dr. Wyman has more than 30 years of specialized experience leading large-scale health operations across the care continuum in both civilian and military organizations. Prior to joining Synensys, he served as the Chief [...]

4 04, 2020

COVID-19 Lessons Learned During Virus Rapid Response Efforts

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The Synensys team has been on the front lines of the coronavirus response and has posted a lessons-learned narrative for healthcare leaders and front-line staff. “Our team is working with civilian and military health facilities across the globe to fight the coronavirus,” said Synensys Chief Medical Officer Dr. Daniel Wyman. “We wanted to share what [...]

1 03, 2020

Synensys CEO Supporting Saudi Military Medicine Conference

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Synensys CEO Stephen Powell recently served as the plenary patient safety speaker at the 1st Saudi Military Medicine Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The conference of regional and international speakers focused on improving Military Medical performance in combat casualty care and military readiness in conjunction with Saudi Vision 2030. “With ever-changing [...]