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Safety Solutions

Safety & High Reliability

Resist the "Quick Fix" for Safety and High Reliability

Take a Systems Approach to Safety and High Reliability

Our System Safety solutions focus on the management of safety hazards using hazard identification, evaluation, elimination, and control methods to achieve higher system reliability and safer outcomes. Together, we can help strengthen your safety management systems.

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High Reliability Organization (HRO) Training, Technology, and Support Services

Our Safety & High Reliability programming solutions are highly configurable and scalable to meet and exceed your organizational safety and quality improvement goals. Our software + service experience across the safety management ecosystem increases your return-on-investment. We develop a custom roadmap along with the essential resources you will need throughout your HRO journey.

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Change Management

Quality and Performance Improvement Solutions in Healthcare



Online Patient Safety Skills Simulation Platform

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Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety


High Reliability Teamwork

Strategies and Error Management Training and Auditing

Our 500+ healthcare clients are leading health systems, government agencies, long-term care facilities, and hospitals who are facing unprecedented challenges that require innovative approaches to improve quality, safety, patient experience, and workforce resilience. Synensys has trained over 250,000 healthcare professionals using the award-winning TeamSTEPPS® – Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety high reliability teamwork programming using a variety of training modalities.

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Aviation Safety Management System Consultants with Operational Experience

Our team of aviation safety management system consultants are industry leaders from military and commercial aviation. Our team brings a data-driven perspective to aviation safety, risk-based decision making, and compliance. Our team takes a systems approach to strategic and operational safety management by leveraging data from all safety sources, such as FOQA, ASAP, Training, Quality Assurance, and LOSA using our SafeSight technology platform.

Our Clients achieve high reliability performance and safer outcomes

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