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When classes were abruptly cancelled at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Nursing, faculty had to quickly develop an effective online simulation program to meet the new learning delivery challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. Synensys was able to provide immediate online access to their StoryCare simulation library to Tar Heel nursing faculty and students across the School of Nursing.
What Was the Client’s Challenge?

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced universities and professional nursing schools to close their doors, faculty were unsure how long the closure would last and how they would teach in the new virtual environment. Synensys, co-developer of the StoryCare simulation system, responded immediately to a request from faculty to access our online library of easy-to-use to continue their coursework focused on the QSEN competencies including teamwork, patient safety, quality improvement, and patient-centered care.

Why did the UNC School of Nursing choose Synensys and StoryCare?

The UNC School of Nursing had previously used StoryCare as part of their simulation learning program to develop key QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses) competencies, skills, and abilities. Spreading this content across the School of Nursing to other faculty would provide more students the opportunity to learn using the highly effective narrative pedagogy as well as reflective learning practice through structured debriefings.
How did we solve the problem?

Synensys developed customized QSEN-based instructional materials for nurse faculty to make the lessons easy to facilitate, engaging for students, and simple to evaluate student performance. Each of the 100+ StoryCare simulations are based on actual stories from the frontlines of healthcare to promote realism, learner engagement, and learning retention.

What were the results?

Faculty and students were able to continue to deliver exceptional learning experiences in a virtual setting that students enjoyed. Students could access the content from the laptops, tablets, and smart phones anytime making the learning more accessible whether the classroom is at home, in the workplace, or on campus!

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