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U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command

When the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command (AMC) needed to develop their next generation aviation Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) management system, they engaged our aviation and aeromedical safety experts to expand their programming beyond the cockpit to include “below wing” ramp operations and aeromedical evacuation teams.
What Was the Client’s Challenge?

AMC wanted to integrate safety management programming within their successful LOSA system. LOSA provides a proactive safety approach to normal flight operations on cargo, transport, and refueling aircraft including cockpit, cabin, and below-wing ground operations. Connecting LOSA data with ASAP reporting, fatigue management data, and other key safety indicators requires systems thinking.

Why Did the AMC Partner With Synensys?

Synensys has extensive civilian and military aviation experience in safety management systems, reporting, and LOSA programming. Through this experience, Synensys has developed a deep understanding of the culture, people, systems, technology, and safety processes implemented by AMC and the civilian aviation industry.

How Did We Solve the Problem?

Synensys provided direction, strategy, know-how, benchmark data, and a highly skilled staff to customize AMC LOSA programming to better integrate safety management systems, develop a more positive culture of safety, and support continuous improvement of threat and error management systems.

What Were the Results?

AMC has been able to develop a customized LOSA program capable of interfacing and integrating with multiple safety management data sets leading to comprehensive system improvement in safety culture, reporting, airmen resilience, and threat/error management.

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