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U.S. Military Health System

When the U.S. Military Health System, with more than 137,000 employees, wanted to develop a model for team-based care delivery across their global healthcare system, Synensys helped them develop and implement the TeamSTEPPS® – Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety program.
What Was the Client’s Challenge?

The U.S. Military Health System realized that most of their serious patient safety events were related to poor teamwork and ineffective communication. Leadership desired to develop an evidence-based teamwork system to implement across all Services – Army, Navy, and Air Force Medicine leveraging the principles and practices of high reliability organizations (HROs) to improve patient safety and quality outcomes.

Why Did the U.S. Military Health System Partner With Synensys?

Synensys had extensive expertise in the development of HRO programs in the military and aviation industries. Synensys also had a deep understanding of medical team dynamics, observational assessments, learning development, safety culture, and simulation.

How Did We Solve the Problem?

We helped develop the TeamSTEPPS® – Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety curricula including training materials, assessment tools, leadership practices, monitoring and evaluation support, implementation guides, change management methods, train-the-trainer facilitation, learning action networks, National conference, technical expert panel, and patient engagement modules.

What Were the Results?

Improved efficiency, reduction in wrong site surgeries, reduction in unintended retained foreign objects, higher staff satisfaction, improved safety culture, higher patient satisfaction, increased incident reporting including more near miss reports, decrease in serious safety events, and reductions in healthcare-associated infection rates.

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