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Synensys, LLC, successfully completed the first-ever UH-1N Rotary-Wing LOSA for the U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC)/Air Force District of Washington (AFDW). The UH-1N, also known as the Huey, has a proud history of over 50 years of Air Force service supporting strategic missions across the world.

LOSA is a proactive safety management program designed to identify and reduce operational complexity, improve crew Threat and Error Management performance, and avoid serious safety events. The UH-1N LOSA produced numerous proactive recommendations to improve safety for the UH-1N Helicopter community.

“Very real and actionable improvement areas were identified throughout this initial UH-1N LOSA while creating a baseline for measuring improvements over time in future Air Force Rotary LOSAs. The collaboration between the Synensys LOSA team, the AFDW/AFGSC Safety staff, and frontline UH-1N operators created a genuine partnership focused on proactive safety, mission readiness, and the well-being of all UH-1N crew members,” said Mark Smithwick, Synensys LOSA Program Manager.

The Air Force Contracting Officer at AFDW stated, “Each member of the Synensys team was highly competent, professional, and truly a joy to work with. Without the credibility earned by the members of the Synensys team throughout the project, the Air Force would not have been able to achieve its safety goals.”

Synensys, headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia, is a recognized leader in safety management programming in Federal, Military and Commercial organizations since 2005. Contact for more information about our LOSA programming.


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