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Synensys, LLC successfully completed the first Aircraft Maintenance Line Operation Safety Audit (LOSA) for the U.S. Air Force. This LOSA was particularly challenging because nothing like this had ever been done before, and the observation definition and database needed to be codified. Synensys Lead Business Data Analyst, Jennifer Sage, said, “In response to unique operational differences, new Threat, Error, and Undesired State codes and attributes were identified and developed to provide insightful analysis sectors specific to Line Maintenance.”

To produce a quality first-ever Aircraft Maintenance LOSA, Synensys researched and acquired documentation from commercial industry leaders like the FAA and Boeing Aircraft Company and obtained their Maintenance Error Decision Aid, Ramp/Maintenance Environment Guide, and Line Operations Safety Assessments. This research was not required by the contract, but was part of Synensys’ continued commitment to further improve the client’s safety culture with their expertise and resources. The Synensys LOSA team spent at least 100 hours studying these documents to understand flightline maintenance and develop a maintenance workflow chart which was later used to define an observation and create an observer workbook, both of which aided the observer and streamlined the process. “Success was predicated on the consolidation of Synensys’ research and LOSA expertise coupled with our aircraft maintenance technical and practical knowledge base” said Mark Smithwick, Synensys LOSA Program Manager.

Synensys, headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia, is a trusted leader in safety management and performance improvement for Federal, Military, and Commercial organizations since 2005. The Synensys team consists of seasoned safety and quality professionals in medicine and aviation, with expertise in change management, human factors, systems strengthening, strategy, learning, gap analyses, and safety performance analytics.

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