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Daniel WymanDr. Daniel Wyman, Chief Medical Officer for Synensys® LLC, will be presenting at the upcoming 91st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA).  His presentation, “Aeromedical Evacuation Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA):  Threat and Error Management Within En Route Care Operations,” will describe the Threat and Error Management Model and highlight the Threats, Errors, and Undesired States identified within the US Air Force’s Aeromedical Evacuation system during the LOSA conducted in support of Air Mobility Command’s safety program.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to share this important work with the international Aerospace Medicine community and continue to improve quality and safety within the Air Medical Transport and Aeromedical Evacuation domains,” Wyman said.

AsMA is the largest, most-representative professional membership organization in the fields of aerospace medicine and human performance and is committed to the determination and maintenance of the health, safety, and performance of persons involved in air and space travel.

Synensys, headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia, is a trusted leader in safety management and performance improvement for Federal, Military, and Commercial organizations since 2005. The Synensys team consists of seasoned safety and quality professionals in medicine and aviation, with expertise in change management, human factors, systems strengthening, strategy, learning, gap analyses, and safety performance analytics. Read more here about the AE LOSA.

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