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The project is tailoring a new patient experience survey that is fit-to-purpose and context, user-friendly, and meets the goal of enhancing patient-centered care in Qatar.

Synensys is in the process of developing a new patient experience survey for the Qatar Ministry of Public Health, the company announced today. The project goal is to initiate a simple, yet meaningful collection, analysis, and reporting of an evidence-based patient experience survey that supports the further integration and continuous improvement of patient-centered care by increasing transparency and trust.

Synensys has a well-established track record of developing comprehensive, yet insightful “sense-making” tools and methods to support healthcare providers, health system managers, regulators, and policy-makers. These tools and methods have been widely used for decision-making and comparative benchmarking, as well as to identify quality and efficiency improvement opportunities and assess the effectiveness of health interventions to better support the integration of patient-centered care. The hallmark of Synensys’ patient experience survey tools is based on a rigorous science, with ease-of-use and actionable analysis.

“Many patient surveys are too lengthy, minimally relevant, and difficult to administer,” said Stephen Powell, CEO of Synensys. “Oftentimes, this leads to a lack of buy-in by healthcare providers and poor response rates, which usually results in the survey lacking the statistical power necessary for meaningful results to support decision-making. Our goal is always to easily turn data into strategic information.”

Synensys is developing the evidence-based survey, interview protocols, and other feedback systems to ensure that patient and family experiences of care are systematically collected, analyzed, and reported. Survey results will be used to promote continuous improvement in patient-centered care, increased patient and family choice, and robust decision support.

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