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Synensys CEO Stephen Powell and COO Daniel Wyman, MD, are presenting at the 2019 Laerdal Simulation Users Network (SUN) conference October 2-4 at The M Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr. Powell’s session, entitled, Critical Thinking About Healthcare Errors and the Impact of Teams, will focus on the powerful combination of teamwork skills and simulation training to improve patient safety outcomes.  Mr. Powell will also highlight the success of using StoryCare®, an online simulation platform co-developed by Synensys which is used by healthcare educators to build team competencies in patient safety, quality improvement, and patient experience.

Dr. Wyman will present, Simulating Success: Identifying Latent Threats in Performance, building on the extensive Synensys Threat and Error Management (TEM) experience with aviation crews, especially Aeromedical Evacuation crews. In addition to their presentations, Dr. Wyman will facilitate an industry simulation roundtable on Combat Casualty Care while Mr. Powell will lead a roundtable focused on the opioid crisis.

For more information, visit StoryCare and Laerdal.

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