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Daniel WymanWe are proud to add our Chief Medical Officer, Daniel Wyman, MD, MPH, FAsMA to our growing team of Certified Prosci® Change Practitioners at Synensys, LLC. As a Safety management services company, we strive to provide expertise to our clients in all areas of high reliability organization training, change management and quality and performance improvement.

Synensys® has developed a comprehensive portfolio of safety management technology and service solutions for Federal and commercial healthcare and aviation organizations. Our team has multiple certifications in Prosci® change management, PMP® project management, human factors engineering, quality, training, system safety science, high reliability organizations (HRO), process risk analysis, aviation safety, Lean Six Sigma, patient experience, coaching, information technology, and patient safety.

Synensys has gained exceptional performance ratings in Federal healthcare and aviation safety management programming. Synensys has successfully completed 100+ task orders and contracts for the U.S. Air Force Medical Services, U.S. Navy Bureau of Surgery and Medicine, Veterans Health Administration, U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command, U.S. Air Force District of Washington, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Defense Health Agency, and other Federal agencies.

Health systems, government agencies, long-term care facilities, and hospitals are facing unprecedented challenges that require innovative approaches to improve quality, safety, patient experience, and workforce resilience. Contact us to learn more about the strategies, tools, and variety of training modalities that we use to enhance performance and patient safety high reliability teamwork.

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