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Jacqueline Falcucci, Synensys® Patient Safety Specialist recently was asked to participate in the Defense Health Agency’s TeamSTEPPS® (Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety) Information Session. In a letter to Tina Whitby, Synensys Patient Safety Manager Jacqueline’s outstanding performance and contribution was praised. Mr. Joseph M. Paulino, TeamSTEPPS Program Manager, Defense Health Agency said,

“Jacqueline’s presentation, Hosting a TeamSTEPPS Virtual Train-the-Trainer Course was truly outstanding. Her professionalism and educational acumen struck just the right cord with students and instructors alike. She is a natural educator, and this combined with her warm and sincere personality allowed her to effortlessly connect with the over 140 participants who joined this event. This resulted in phenomenal participant comments, many emphasizing their great appreciation for the knowledge and information she provided.”  Mr. Paulino continued his praise with, “I cannot tell you how please the entire DHA TeamSTEPPS Committee was with her presentation. We can only hope that you will allow Jacquie the opportunity to present and participate in future DHA events. Thank you again for your support, you certainly have a Super Star on your Team.”

We proudly congratulate Jacquie for a job well done and extend our thanks for her passion for patient safety, expertise in TeamSTEPPS and commitment to service excellence in all she does. She is an inspiring example of what our company stands for and we are thankful she is part of our team.

Since 2005, Synensys® has partnered with over five hundred leading health organizations in fourteen countries to improve quality, safety, patient access, value, patient experience, employee engagement, and efficiency using TeamSTEPPS and change management methods, strategies, and tools from top industry leaders and other High Reliability Organizations (HRO).

As part of the original TeamSTEPPS development team, Synensys has trained over 70,000 clinicians and shared their expertise in over two hundred publications and conference abstracts. Synensys can design and implement a TeamSTEPPS initiative (initial or reboot) that is “customized” for any healthcare system, facility, department, or team.

“We have embedded High Reliability Organization (HRO) principles into our TeamSTEPPS programming to improve the culture of safety and reduce preventable patient harm. Some of the hospitals and facilities we work with have not experienced a serious safety event in over 5 years”,

Dr. Stephen Powell.CEO, Synensys

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