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The article entitled, Analysis of laboratory data transmission between two healthcare institutions using a widely used point-to-point health information exchange platform: a case report, was published in the JAMIA OPEN journal in April 2024 and will also be in the July 2024, Volume 7, Issue 2 edition. Synensys® leadership Stephen Powell, DHA, MSc, (CEO), Daniel Wyman, MD, MPH, (CMO) and Alana Keller, PMP (Program Manager) co-authored the article along with lead author Hung S Luu, MD, PharmD, and other co-authors Walter S Campbell, PhD, MBA, Raja A Cholan, MS, Mary E Edgerton, MD, PhD, Andrea Englund, MBA, MSN, RN, Elizabeth D Korte, BS, Sandra H Mitchell, RPh, MSIS, Greg T Watkins, BS, Lindsay Westervelt, MAPW. The study was supported by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Contract, “Improving the Reliability, Interoperability, Agility, and Quality of Laboratory Data Exchanges using System Safety Engineering and High Reliability Organization Methods.”

The objective of the study was to identify information loss that could negatively affect clinical care in laboratory data transmission between two non-affiliated institutions via a common health information exchange platform.  To read the full article, click here.



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