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Two Synensys case studies based on patient safety and health systems strengthening are featured in a new book, Health Systems Thinking, by authors James Johnson, PhD; Douglas Anderson, DHA; and Caren Rossow, DHA.

Health Systems Thinking focuses on systems thinking as it spans the domains of health administration, public health, and clinical practice.

“Our case narratives represent practical ways to apply systems thinking principles to patient safety improvement, including high-reliability organizations and large-scale quality improvement programs to address healthcare-associated infections and international health research policy,” said Stephen Powell, Synensys CEO. “We were pleased to be able to showcase our systems thinking applications for healthcare professionals to incorporate into their professional practice.”

To learn more about Health Systems Thinking, click here. To learn more about the benefits of using systems thinking to improve safety and quality, read more here or call us at 678.369.6317.

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