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As part of their annual giving campaign, FOR 4 Four,  Synensys, LLC  supports organizations that support the well-being of those among us who are most vulnerable especially, but not limited to Veterans, children, women, and the disabled. Their corporate sharing is focused on making safer people a reality among those suffering from trauma, violence, indifference, neglect, and brokenness. This year, Synensys chose 4 new organizations to support in addition to the ones they supported in 2023.
Each year, all Synensys team members are asked to nominate organizations who are focused on one or more of these 4 principles:
                    1. Building resilience
                    2. Strengthening families
                    3. Promoting equity
                    4. Developing healthier communities in the U.S. and abroad

Giving back to our communities has become a higher calling for Synensys. We are so excited to be able to support the work of our community partners through our annual FOR 4 Four Giving Campaign. Our community partnerships continue to inspire us to use our collective resources to improve the lives of others.

Dr. Stephen PowellCEO, Synensys

To find out more about each of Synensys’ Community Partners and the great things that they are doing in each of their organizations CLICK HERE

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