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The research team that includes  Synensys, LLC, Deloitte, College of American Pathologists (CAP), UT Southwestern Medical Center, University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC), and JP Systems recently presented the case report from their research for The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) study Improving the Reliability, Interoperability, Agility, and Quality of Laboratory Data Exchanges using System Safety Engineering Methods. Synensys CEO, Stephen M. Powell, DHA, MSc, Hung Luu, MD, PharmD, University of Nebraska Medical Center, and Greg T. Watkins, BSc, Deloitte presented the team’s findings, System Safety and the Laboratory Data Ecosystem – Taking a Systems Approach to Safer Care, A Real-World Study of Data Exchange between Two Non-Affiliated Laboratories” to The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Adoption of Laboratory Standards Forum on October 2, 2023.

During their initial system safety analysis, the research team learned of laboratory data quality hazards present when data is exchanged between non-affiliated health institutions. The study aims achieved a better understand the real-world laboratory data exchange process, the differences in institutional data artifacts, and the potential data hazards within the system. “When imprecise, inaccurate, or missing laboratory data is exchanged between health institutions, the risk of preventable patient harm increases due to potential diagnostic errors,” said, Dr. Daniel Wyman, Synensys Chief Medical Officer.

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