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The research team led by Professor Nancy Leveson, PhD, John Thomas, PhD, Rodrigo Rose and Polly Harrington from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stephen Powell, DHA, MSc, Daniel Wyman, MD, MPH, and Alana Keller, BA, PMP® from Synensys, LLC presented lessons learned from their System Safety analysis under The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) research contract to conduct the study “Improving the Reliability, Interoperability, Agility, and Quality of Laboratory Data Exchanges using System Safety Engineering Methods” at the 2023 STAMP Conference. Rodrigo Rose and Polly Harrington presented at two workshops that addressed the “Application of STPA to the U.S. Diagnostic Laboratory Data Ecosystem” and “Developing Control Structures for Complex Sociotechnical Systems”. Both presentations were extremely well received by the almost 1700 live and virtual attendees from 70 countries.

Figure 1 (From left to right) Alana Keller, Synensys Program Manager, Polly Harrington and Rodrigo Rose, MIT Graduate Assistants, and Dr. Stephen Powell, Synensys CEO.

Each year PSASS hosts an industry workshop at MIT to allow practitioners to share the latest uses of STAMP-based techniques, to meet with other practitioners using these methods, and to learn about applications, evaluations, and developments in these powerful new approaches to system safety and cyber security. STAMP is a new accident causality model based on systems theory and systems thinking that addresses critical challenges in system engineering, safety, and cybersecurity such as complex software, human-decision making and human factors, new technology, social and organizational design, and safety culture. Systems Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) is a powerful new hazard and security analysis technique based on STAMP while Causal Analysis using System Theory (CAST) is the equivalent for accident/incident analysis. These tools are now used globally in almost every industry. Presenters come from industry, government, and academia.

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Synensys, LLC, headquartered in Peachtree City, Georgia, is a trusted leader in safety management
technology and performance improvement for Federal, Military, Commercial, and international
organizations since 2005. The Synensys team consists of seasoned safety and quality
professionals in medicine and aviation, with expertise in change management, human factors,
systems strengthening, research, strategy, training, gap analyses, and safety performance

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