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Synensys, LLC, a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) with headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia was recently selected by the United States Air Force’s Air Mobility Command to serve as the prime contractor for the LOSA program.

“LOSA is a proactive safety management program used to improve aviation safety,” according to Stephen Powell, CEO of Synensys. “AMC has become a recognized leader in LOSA programming in military aviation over the past decade and we are excited to expand our USAF contracting portfolio to this important safety program.”

Under the new contract, Synensys will provide independent auditing of safety data for AMC, conduct training of LOSA observers, develop LOSA monitoring tools, and create comprehensive reports to support AMC Safety Leaders. Synensys has selected the NorthWest Data Solutions LOSA software platform to provide a comprehensive safety management software system for AMC.

In addition to LOSA for cockpit crews, AMC will conduct LOSA programming in other flight crew areas, aeromedical operations, maintenance, and other ‘below wing’ operations. “LOSA is a proven methodology to assess and improve complex flight operations across diverse settings leading to safer systems, safer people, and safer outcomes,” said Tom Staigle, Synensys Vice President of Aviation Safety Management Systems.

“We are excited to partner with Synensys in our next generation LOSA program,” said Colonel Brandon Hileman, Director of AMC Safety, “Synensys brings a new, innovative perspective to our LOSA program as we further strengthen our safety management systems and continuously improve our safety performance.”

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